Vendor Rules

Vendor Rules

Vendors at the Lima Noon Optimist Home Show Announcements If you hold drawings for prizes, we will announce the drawing time and winners over the public address system.

Handouts, Raffles, and Drawings Such materials may be promoted from within your exhibitor’s booth only. You may not give away any food or drink that competes with the Optimist food booth. If you are not sure, ask the Home Show Chairperson.

Character of Exhibits Optimist Management reserves the right to decline any exhibitor, exhibit, or portion of exhibit which, in our opinion, is unsuitable for the Home Show.

Utilities/Outlets All booths have electrical outlets for 110 volts. Extension cords are NOT provided.

Insurance and Watchman Service The Optimists will provide 24 hour security and adequate liability insurance to protect the visiting public. The Optimist Club is not responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction of exhibitor’s products or injury to exhibitors or their employees. All buildings will be locked and inaccessible except for show hours, set up and tear down hours.

Noise Noise making devices, loud speakers, or public announcement systems are not allowed. Televisions, radios, videos, pianos, or other musical devices must be played quietly during show hours.

Booth Set-Up The buildings of the Allen County Fairgrounds will be open for booth set up on Thursday from 9am-8pm and on Friday from 9am-noon. Booth assignments and set-up hours will be confirmed prior to the Home Show by email and letter.

Booth Sizes Booths are approximately 10′ x 10′ in the Agriculture, Merchants, and Youth buildings and 12′ x 15′ in the Old Youth Building. Outside spaces are variable sizes. Any booth sides with exhibit materials that are over 3′ in height may not extend more than 4′ from the rear of the booth. (All exceptions to this must have prior approval of the Home Show Chairman.)

Booth Removal All signs or items attached to the curtains must be removed by 9pm on Sunday and display materials must be moved toward the center of the booth. Back drop and side curtains will be removed by our contractor beginning at 8am on Monday. All displays must be removed from the buildings between 5pm Sunday and noon on Monday. Please be sure to leave rented chairs and tables in your booth.

ALL BOOTHS MUST REMAIN SET UP UNTIL 5PM SUNDAY. All points not covered in these rule will be decided by the Home Show Committee. Lima Noon Optimist Club thanks you for your support! Invest in your future…be a friend of youth!

Download the vendor rules here.