October 28, 2015 President Ben brought the meeting to order with the ring of the bell. Phyllis gave the Invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Guest  Joe from MakerFest. Welfare Report Cindy Nelson reported there was no welfare today. Joke (?) Ron was fined for joke. That is how bad it was. Announcements Bill Lewis reminded us about the Toys-for Tots Pickup next week. Also, sign up to watch over a toy drop location. President Ben thanked everyone for helping out with Safety City Trick-or-Treat. We had around 1,500 individuals come through. It was truly a team effort, New member application for Jerome O’Neal. Program Mike Resar form Potash gave us a good overview of what Potash does in the world. Potash is the largest integrated fertilizer company in the world. It is in international company. Potash was originally owned by the Canadian Gover –ment. The Lima plant uses more natural gas the city of Dayton, Ohio. WOW! The three nutrients that Potash produces are: Potash, Phosphate and Nitrogen. Every day they work on making: Ammonia – 2350 Tons/day Urea – 1350 Tons/day Nitric Acid – 350 Tons/day Ammonia Nitrate – 400 Tons/day UAN, DEF Despite everything they work on they had 14+ years between last time injuries for the total sight. This from 2001- 2015. They have 72 Salary employees, 77 Hourly employees, 110 contract employees, 250 TOTAL. Annual payroll is $31 Million. Mike expects this to go up significantly when he gets his raise. 1/3 1/3 1/3 Drawing No drawing in minutes my got. Fines No fines in minutes my got. Next Week: The speaker will be ? Today’s Scribe – Ben Anderson Optimist… Bringing out the Best in KIDS!

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