October 21, 2015 President Ben brought the meeting to order with the ring of the bell. Hap gave the Invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Guest No guests today. Welfare Report Matt Douglas’s father will have heart valve surgery on Thursday and Marcia Hearn’s Brother-in–law is gravely ill. Both are welcoming prayers for their families. And then there is Tim Willoughby, he is having his house painted tomorrow and is feeling nervous. Suck it up Tim. Announcements Bill Lewis reminded us Toys for Tots will kick off Nov 4 and end Dec. 10th. A sign up list will be available next week to help baby sit the boxes for pick up when getting full. Bring Toys Nov 4th. Trick or Treat at Safety City is this Saturday and we hope to see all Optimist members come by and help. We expect 3-4,000 to attend. Ben reported the first meeting of the Board of Directors was this last Monday and the agenda was light but lots of ideas on membership were discussed. Also the club website is really coming along. Everyone should check it out at www.LimaOptimist.com . If anyone has club activity photos we could post, let Ben know. Program Susan introduced the speaker Mike Doseck (but failed to get a picture).  Mike is from New Bremen and has a passion for beekeeping. He told us about the health of hives and that many viruses, pesticides, moths and a lack of good natural flowering areas (green deserts) are hurting the bee cultures.  New bee hives are made of Styrofoam rather than wood so the bees have better insulation from the cold and the hives are much lighter to move. We learned that the darker colored honey usually has more medicinal properties and that local honey is best for allergies. Also, to stop the crystallization of honey you can put it in the freezer. Because it is a low moisture item it will not expand and break the container. Honey does not go bad so if it becomes solid and crystallizes just put it in a warm bath and it will liquefy. Ohio has a growing interest in Beekeeping with new clubs forming and we can support the cause by buying the new “Save the Bees” license plates when you renew your plates. Beekeeping organizations will receive $15.from each plate sold.  The Ohio State capital building and the White House grounds both have beehives on site. A queen bee can cost from $25-500. Bees usually live around 6 weeks. 1/3 1/3 1/3 Drawing 3rd 3rd drawing was won by Ron Cook for $10. But he did not win the Ace of Spades valued at $299.00. Fines Sarge fined Susan for parking in the Elks Exalted Ruler spot (allegedly Pres. Ben took a picture of the car. Stay tuned for next week update!) Sarge fined himself for unusual thoughts about the Queen bee and I will leave it at that.

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