October 14, 2015  President Tim brought the meeting to order with the ring of the bell. Phyllis gave the Invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Guest No guests today. Welfare Report Cindy Nelson reported that Tim DeHaven has a relative experiencing a life threatening brain aneurysm. He asks that we all include him/her in our prayers. Also Cindy Nelson’s husband is about to have gall bladder surgery so we include him in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Joke (?) Jokester Ron: Another good one Ron. Seems that all one has to do to get social security disability after age 65 is drop their pants! You had to be there. Announcements Chuck reported for Bob that Trick or Treat at Safety City is Oct. 24 from noon to 2 pm and more candy and volunteers are needed. Please help! Also, Home Show letters are going out to businesses to secure booth sales. If you know of anyone who would be a good new candidate, please contact Chuck. Home Show committee to meet Oct. 20th at 5:30 at Ben Anderson’s office on Elm St. Ben reminded the club that next week Oct. 21 the meeting will be held on the first floor in the main dining room. Bill announced that Nov. 4th is Toys for Tots kick off and to bring an unwrapped new toy to the meeting for the collection box. Program Our Speaker was Dr. Bruce Maccabee. His two newest books are “Abduction in my Family” and “The FBI-CIA UFO Connection”. Dr. Maccabee had first access to the original X-files on UFO activity once the Freedom of Information Act came into being. He found that the Air Force and the FBI were sharing information and to no one’s surprise they withheld all credible results from the public. The FBI had over 1600 pages of material that became available after they denied they were tracking anything. His books are available for $20. Each and are full of amazing details. He is convinced THEY DO EXIST!! 1/3 1/3 1/3 Drawing 3rd/3rd winner of $10 was Jess Good. No Ace of Spades winner of $189.00 and there are only 20 card left. Fines Sarge says Ben insulted the elderly (Ralph) talking about how young Ben was when Ralph first joined the club as they reviewed history. Nanci Carroll had a phone infraction and Denny Morris was fined for pictures. Sarge encouraged a woman to become Sergeant of Arms and thought it would be a first, but, our Agnes was in fact Sarge at one time. Fine to you Sarge Ralph!\n

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Monday, Oct. 19 at Casa Lu Al at 5:15.


Ben reported that he attended a Sertoma Club meeting recently where all service club presidents were invited to hear about the Nick Kellis film program as it relates to service club projects.

\nNext Week: The speaker will be Mike Doseck from New Bremen on the Art of Beekeeping October Scribe – Susan Fantzimage002